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Stuart Rod & Reel Fishing Club 2019 Outings Schedule and Rules


Please see the most current issue of the newsletter for exact fishing dates, times and rules. ALL EVENTS ARE BASED IN THE HONOR SYSTEM. All fish must be FWC legal. The Tournament Events and Fish of the Month are based on the dates of the monthly meetings.  All final decisions regarding winners are made by Keith Palant, Angling Director.

Fish of the Month

January/February 2019: Sheepshead and Bluefish (total combined)

February/March 2019: Pompano

March/ April 2019: Largest Snook ( 24 inch minimum)

April/May 2019: Largest Trout

May/June 2019: Snook and Bonefish ( total combined)

June/July 2019: Redfish

July/August 2019: Tarpon

September /October2109: Largest FWC Legal Snapper

October/November 2019: Largest Redfish

November/December 2019: Black Drum

Monthly Outings

January 2019 : Lucky Four; Snook, Pompano, Redfish, Trout

February 2019: Pompano & Flounder

March 2019: Snook, Redfish & Trout; DOA brand lures only

April 2019: New Member/Old Member

May 2019: Top Water Lures or Popper Flies Only

June 2019: Most FWC  Legal Species Caught

July 2019: Tarpon

August 2019: Trout & Redfish

September 2019: Longest Snook ( 24 inch minimum)

October 2019: TO BE DETERMINED

November 2019: Longest Overall Redfish

December 2019: No Outing-Christmas Party