All tournaments begin at safe light on the first of the month and end at noon on the last day of the month. Fish as many days or nights as you desire. All entries must be emailed to: by midnight on the last day of the month to allow sufficient time to purchase and have embroidered the shirt. Pictures of entries with a measuring stick are required for all “largest” fish entries. Members should hold their own fish count until the last day they are fishing for that tournament. This means do not send multiple emails of every fish caught for the month. All fish must be FWC Legal minimum size, oversize fish count, but must be released unharmed. No tackle or bait restrictions unless noted.

Jan 1-31           Most Sheepshead -shirt, largest - hat
Feb 1-28          Most Pompano (1pt each) Most Flounder (2pts  each) total points - shirt, Largest of                                       each - hat
Mar 1-31         Largest Snook -shirt, most Snook - hat
Apr 1- 30         Largest Sea Trout - shirt, most Sea Trout - hat
May 1-31         Most Sailfish (3 pts for a leader touch and 1 pt.  for a jump, each fish only counts once) -                              shirt, second place - hat
Jun 1-30           Most Snook for the month - shirt, largest - hat
Jul 1-31            Most Tarpon (3 pts. Landed, 1 pt. jumped, each fish counted only once) - shirt,                                                2nd place - hat
Aug 1-31          Largest Snook- shirt, most Snook over 28” - hat
Sep 1-30          Largest legal Snapper - shirt, most legal Snapper - hat
Oct 1-31           Most Croakers (Atlantic Croakers similar to Redfish) - shirt, largest - hat
Nov 1-30         Most species caught, each specific species is 1 point (Mangrove, Mutton, Cubera,                                             Lane would count as 4 points). Only legal size fish count
Dec 1-31          Largest Black Drum - shirt, most - hat 

2023 Jim Harter Angler of the Year

Award to the angler with the most winning catches of the year

1)  To enter a fish, you must email your entry with date and general location to  Entry must include a picture of the fish on/with a measuring stick.  Please include length of catch, detail of tackle used (line weight, reel type, bait or lure used).

2)  All fish must be FWC Legal minimum size, oversize fish count, but must be released unharmed.

3)  There are two categories for each fish: Pure and General.

          >  Pure - no scent or bait and fished strictly by the angler (no trolling, kite, downrigger, electric reel, etc.).

          >  General - can use bait or scent and no restriction on how you fish.

4)  The Inshore and Offshore locations are for general classification and fish can be entered regardless of which locations it was actually caught.  Geographical location is limited to coastal waters from Sebastian Inlet to Boca Raton Inlet, inshore and out 45 nm, surrounding rivers, lakes (including Lake Okeechobee) and canals and away club outing locations.

5)  All entries must be within two weeks of your catch.

2023 Monthly Tournaments