Board of Governors

Directors at Large

Roy Buckley

Alex Nathanson

Dan Merritt

Jim Bowdish –  Immediate Past President-Ex Officio

Committee Chairmen


Keith Palant– Angling Chairman

Alex Nathanson– Membership Chairman

Alan Schilk-Newsletter Editor

Jim Harter – Raffle Chairman and Conservation Coordinator



An activity at our membership meetings that generates a great amount of interest is the “Raffle”. Tickets are $1 each or 6 for $5. Raffle prizes vary monthly but usually include a fishing rod, reel or combination and other fishing related supplies and equipment. 

Monthly Outings-Tournaments

The Club sponsors a fishing outing each month. All outings are based on an Honor System. You don’t have to keep your catch or take a picture of it either. Outings are scheduled for the weekend following the general membership meeting. Outings are usually three day events where anglers select to fish Friday, Saturday or Sunday. Most outings are scheduled from first safe light till 1PM. The targeted fish and scoring change from month to month with interesting twists such as number of spots on redfish or more points for one species than another. The intent is to have fun! The winner of each monthly outing receives a Club logo embroidered fishing shirt. As part of the outing we have several lunches at restaurants (our sponsors), club and family cookouts. Additionally, the Board is encouraging members to partake of the lunch regardless of the day fished. 


We publish a newsletter, "True Lies". It is circulated by e-mail.  We are  looking for your fishing reports, pictures, news, environmental reports and any other Club related information for inclusion. Submitting information is easy. You can send an email to newsletter editor Alan Schilk at

Stuart Rod & Reel Fishing Club Board 

& Committee Chairmen

Website and Facebook Page

The Club’s web site ( is a wealth of information. In addition to the outing schedule and newsletter you can find the latest weather and tides, fishing tips and our advertisers/sponsors. Our Facebook public access page is @stuartrodandreel.  

Board of Governors


Fred Bartlett – President

Keith Palant– Vice President

Pete Noll – Treasurer

Gary Mirsky-Club Secretary

Monthly Membership Meetings With Speakers   

     The monthly membership meeting is the second Thursday of the month.  Dinner is available at 6 PM  before the 7 PM meeting begins.  Dinner is a fixed price of $ 20 including tax, tip and ice tea.  Cocktails and beer are extra.  We ask that you support our hosting restaurant as we receive the room free if enough meals are sold.

    We have the privilege of many fishing industry and conservation leaders in the Southeast Florida region. These experts include tackle manufacturers, tournament winning Captains and guides, television and print journalists and academic researchers. We have a guest speaker at each monthly meeting. Speakers will address topics of interests such as how to fish for the upcoming outing’s targeted species and our diverse estuary system.   This is a great way to gain additional local knowledge of this fishery.

Call Us Today (301) 648-2052 ( Jim)  or (772)  210-  5563 (Eric)