Lake Okeechobee Trip

The club had a one day Lake Okeechobee Trip to Roland Martin Marina and Resort.  Six boats with a combined crews of 16 members and guest met at 6:45 am at the Palm City Bridge.  Over the next four+ hours we went through two locks raising us 16 feet (St Lucie Lock 14 ft, Port Mayaca 2 ft), a railroad swing bridge, navigated across the lake to the Clewiston Lock (hurricane gate).  

Everyone enjoyed a good lunch at Roland Martin Marina and Resort, then started our trip back.  We had to make sure we were at the St Lucie lock no later then 4:30 pm, since the lock shuts down at 5 pm. 

Everyone had a great time!  Since some want to go again and other club members who could go are interested in doing it, the club is planning another trip in the fall. 

                                                      Below are pictures of our adventure!